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The Lady Elizabet left quite a few belongings. We dinna want to draw too much attention to ourselves. Philip glanced around the bustling dock and then back at Will with unmistakable concern creasing his brow. William scowled.

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William bit his tongue and tried to keep his impatience from erupting. Most of the men had gone on to seek other employment, both legal and not so legal. And who had vowed revenge on the men he considered responsible for his own downfall. And Will needed to be in place to send warning to his kin. But that doesna mean I willna worry. Are ye sure ye wouldna rather accompany me to Glenlyon?

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I could use yer help. William smiled with a wicked twinkle in his eye. Philip snorted, though he glanced back at the road leading to the docks with a wary eye. William laughed, though he, too, kept searching the road. It doesna look as if the lady is coming. She seems a thick-heided goat, that one. Let alone navigate the road to Dover by herself. And he kens well enough how she felt about Lady Alice. Take care, laddie. Philip nodded and hurried up the gangplank just as the sailors pulled it aboard. He stood at the deck and waved goodbye to William as the boat pulled out to sea.

Will waved back, though his gaze darted around the crowds gathered on the docks. And lingered on one person in particular.

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He frowned as he watched the young woman. She seemed nervous. She, too, watched the ship Philip had just boarded as it sailed out to sea, but she seemed more interested in what was going on around her. Her hands were knotted in her skirts tight enough he could see her white knuckles from where he sat, and her gaze darted about as though she were watching a cat playing with a mouse. What was she up to? The state of her clothing suggested she came from a comfortable home. Not the wife of a sailor or dockworker then.

And not someone who frequented the docks, judging by her nervousness. And she seemed overly concerned with both the ship that had just departed and those who were on the docks watching it. As if she were looking for someone. Tension settled in his gut, and he gritted his teeth. And if that were the case, he might have sent someone to follow him. Someone who might seem innocent, who would never be recognized as a spy.

The one slowly making her way up the docks was far too beautiful to blend into a crowd.

When I think of all the books I've read in which sex is instanteous it seems , it's refreshing to hear of a hero that actually has the control to hold back rather than hurt a woman. But he's not an angel either, is he if he was cursed by a witch?

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I want to know about that backstory! I'll be looking for this one. I think a hero who is willing to wait is putting is pleasure before the one he cares about and that's awesome. I enjoy the "pleasure delay" in a romance more that the element of the forbidden, because it is usually torture for the poor hero, as well as the heroine.

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Seduced by the Highlander sounds fantastic and I'm looking forward to reading it. I can not wait to read this book about Highlanders- yummy. I enjoy reading when a man really wants a woman and then he wants to wait to make sure that their first time is just right, even though he doesn't want to wait. Exciting, exciting!!

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Congrats on your upcoming release, Julianne, it's going to be a warmer than usual October with the Highlander out of control. Romance is all about the anticipation, in novels and in reality - so the longer the hero and heroine puts off that mind blowing moment, the better for the reader. There are so many wonderful examples and too many fine writers who do it so well to mention but I will give acknowledgement to the queen of romance who led the way, Kathleen E.

The Flame and the Flower - the beginning of modern romance. Happy Reading. As the great-great-granddaughter of a Scots woman who ultimately landed in Kaslo, B. So, your Highlander trilogy is a perfect fit!

The anticipation of a thing many times is more exciting than the having of it I recommend Gabaldon's "Outlander" series. Carla Austin, Texas rsvp2mee hotmail. I love anticipation! The more intense the better! Forbidden is always good! I just got done re-reading a favorite book of mine where the herione is love with her brothers best friend. Very Forbidden.

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When they finnally get together it is amazing! I thoroughly enjoy highlander stories and an element of magic is an extra bonus. I agree there is something about the forbidden that appeals to me, it makes a hero and heroine make choices and develop. The end result can be very rewarding and the HEA feels deserved. Hi, Julianne! I have a definite weakness for Highlanders. That sexy burr, the kilt Pun intended! LOL I love it! I don't necessarily mind the delay if it's done well. I tend to read a lot of erotic romance, so in general, I do like the up front sensuality. I enjoy a good Highlander book.

There is something about an alpha male with a sexy brogue, a sword, a few knives and a kilt. Ooh, hot highlanders! Delaying gratification can really whip sexual tension into a frenzy, so that the reader can say "yes! I can't wait to read "Seduced by the Highlander"! Oh I do love me some highlanders. They just seem like the perfect man to me. I guess maybe I am just dreaming of what I read in books. Sarah, I have never read one of your books before, but have been reading about you, and have decided it's time to get some of your yummy books. As far as what I enjoy, I enjoy both the element of the forbidden and the pleasure delay.

It all depends on the book I am reading at the time. Hi Julianne Andrea said I would suggest the new trilogy I have already mentioned or the Masters of Arms series.

It is almost like she has two writing styles and I like them both. The Masters of Arms are a little more "wordy", very elegant language style.